Customer: JEFF Electronics is a Scandinavian leading company developing control and regulation systems intended for climate control and heat pump applications. They have been striving to provide smart solutions and create opportunities for a more energy-efficient future for over 40 years.

What did JEFF Electronics need?

They need a small industrial panel PC, that can run smoothly on Linux, and offers stable operation, over a long period of time. The panel PC was needed for their CC V Pro® – a standardized and flexible control and regulation system for all types of heat pumps as well as for complex heating systems with the same heat pump control.

Key features:

  • Touch panel
  • Stable operation
  • Linux OS
  • Heat pumps and heating systems

Our solution

We designed, developed, and manufactured a 7-inch panel PC, based on Cortex A8, that runs on Linux OS, and features a resistive touch screen. So now, it only takes a few seconds to schedule hot water charging, night lowering, or holiday lowering, on the pressure-sensitive 7-inch display. With a built-in web server, the control can be easily moved to mobile phones and computers.

All that was necessary was for JEFF Electronics to tell us what their needs were, and we handled the rest – from the planning and design to development and manufacturing.

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