Customer: SekureID is a leading-edge developer of Biometric and RFID Hardware. They specialize in providing next generation biometric identity management security solutions.

What did SekureID need?

They needed a cost-effective and small LCD access control solution, in a 5-inch and 2.8-inch format. These LEDs needed to run on Android OS, connect to Ethernet, and be able to control the Relay directly.

Key features:

  • Small form-factor LCDs
  • Android OS
  • Easily connect to Ethernet
  • Direct Relay control

Our solution

We designed, developed, and manufactured two LCD solutions, one in a 5-inch and one in a 2.8-inch format. Both are based on the AM3354 Arm Cortex-A8 processor, and run Android 4.1.

As you can see, all that was necessary was for SecureID to tell us what their needs were, and we handled the rest – from the planning and design to development and manufacturing.

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