If you loved our first two Industrial Pi PCs, you’ll be sure to love the ones we’re introducing today. CM3-101-PA and CM3-101-EM are 10.1-inch industrial computers designed for the Raspberry Pi® Compute Module 3, and ready to be included in your next project!

Our Industrial Pi product line is designed to make sure all your Raspberry Pi based projects and solutions can be transformed for real-world industrial use. So, if you’ve worked with this embedded industry staple, and you want to transition to industry 4.0 related project, this is your chance, and we can take you there.

Industrial Pi features

Industrial Pi

Our two new Industrial Pi PCs feature two TF card interfaces, three USB connectors, and one LAN connector. They also have four RS232 channels, two RS485 channels, and eight Opto-Isolated GPIOs.

Concerning audio, the Industrial Pi features one 3.5mm audio connector, one 2W internal speaker, and one Buzzer.

All the models have onboard WiFi and Bluetooth, and optional 3G/4G module.

Available models

Right now we have four available models:

  • CM3-70-EM – a 7-inch IPS display in the embedded form-factor
  • CM3-70-PA – a 7-inch IPS display in the panel form-factor
  • CM3-101-EM – a 10.1-inch IPS display in the embedded form-factor
  • CM3-101-PA – a 10.1-inch IPS display in the panel form-factor

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.