Product Portfolio

We provide industrial PCs with ARM and X86 CPUs, handheld devices, industrial displays,
and customized products tailored to your needs.

Product Categories

Industrial PCs

We offer Industrial PCs that are powered by reliable processors featuring ARM or x86 core from NXP, Rockchip, Raspberry Pi, Texas Instruments, Mediatek, and Intel. These PCs are available in panel mounting, standalone, desktop, handheld, or embedded units in other products. They provide a range of options for display size, touch screen, connectivity, and industrial interfaces to meet different requirements.

Handheld Devices

Our industrial handheld computers are specifically designed to operate in tough environments and rough industrial settings. Equipped with IPxx protection, they are built to withstand harsh conditions and can be used in various applications such as ticket inspection, retail, warehousing, supermarkets, transportation, logistics, quality control, and more.

Industrial Displays

Chipsee Industrial Displays are a reliable and sturdy solution for a wide range of environments. Available in sizes ranging from 10 to 24 inches, these displays come equipped with a capacitive touch screen and can be easily mounted on a panel or wall using the VESA mount. These displays are built to withstand high temperatures and harsh conditions, making them an excellent choice for industrial applications.

Design and Manufacturing Services

Custom Designed Solutions

At Chipsee, we specialize in designing and delivering customized hardware and software solutions for industrial electronics. Our team of highly experienced developers can create custom solutions for any project you have in mind. Simply tell us what you need, and we will make it happen.

We can customize both the software and hardware to meet your specifications. This includes different CPUs, unique displays, touch panels, specialized I/O or wired/wireless connectivity, specific operating systems, custom applications, and more. By doing this, we ensure that the product you purchase is perfectly tailored to meet the needs of your company.

Latest products released

  • KIOSK-CM4-215

    PN: CS19108RA4215-KK


  • PIM-133-P

    PN: CS-D133P


  • PPC-A55-185

    PN: CS19108-RK3568-185P


  • PPC-A72-185-C

    PN: CS12102R190P-1


  • PPC-A72-190-C

    PN: CS12102R190P


Product Selection Guide

Choose the right PC for your project.

Selecting the suitable PC for your project is not always easy.

Which CPU do you need? Which OS, display, and touch panel?
The Product Selection Guide leads you through all the steps in choosing the right product.

Product Selection Guide