Customer: Injetronic, a leading brand for automotive diagnostic equipment in Mexico. They have been manufacturing these solutions for over 20 years. 

What did Injectronic need?

Injetronic needed a handheld product that can run smoothly on Android OS, and support 4 hours of battery-powered operation, at least.

Key features:

  • handheld equipment
  • 4 hours of battery power
  • Android OS
  • touch screen
  • designed for industrial environment

Our solution

We provided them with a complete solution. A fully customized product based on NXP CPU IMX6D, with 1GB DDR3, and 8GB eMMC, run Android 6.0. It can support 4 hours of work time at least and match their industrial level request.

As you can see, all that was necessary was for Injectronic to tell us what their needs were, and we handled the rest – from the planning and design to development and manufacturing.

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