About Chipsee

“Providing reliable and innovative industrial computer solutions, that is our mission. Our gaze is directed towards a future where we are the leader in this field, while in the present we make sure that every product is crafted to perfection.”.

Dr. Xu Jun, Chipsee CEO

Enabling innovation for industrial electronics

We aim to provide reliable and innovative solutions to our customers. To offer complete products created from a single source – perfected and realized through the combination of our expertize, experience, and dedication.

If you do just one thing, try to make it the best in the world.” That is the thought behind every product Chipsee has made. For years we have been guided by our desire to create industrial computer solutions of the highest quality.

How do we do that?

Let’s start from the most important aspect, the team. The Chipsee team is made out of highly educated and skilled professionals. 

We are always looking for the most innovative and efficient way to design and produce Chipsee solutions. For us, every challenge is an opportunity to grow.

Secondly, we are always customer-oriented. All our solutions are highly customizable because we want the product to fit your needs perfectly.

Thirdly, we have experience – our company headquarters is located in Beijing, from where our products have been sold to 46 countries and regions.

Finally, it’s important to note that all our product, from the initial idea to the final solution, are made within our company.

True craftsmanship and quality – those are the things that define a Chipsee product.

Chipsee’s road to success

From manufacturing our first board, to becoming the master in the field of industrial HMI and PC solutions.

Chipsee Media Center

Visit the Media Center, if you want to download our logo, product images, and company description.