Automotive Diagnostic Equipment

Injetronic needed a handheld product which can run smoothly on Android OS.

Access Control Device

A customized Industrial PC with Linux OS and a capacitive touch screen.

Access Control for Yachts

Cost-effective display solution for yacht control.

Interface for solar systems

High-quality, reliable HMI solution designed for environmentally friendly energy storage systems.

Smart Access Control

Cost-effective LCDs designed for smart access systems.

Enterprise resource planning equipment

High-performance Industrial PCs designed to run on Android.

Smart medical devices

High-quality embedded PC used in a medical environment.

HMIs for weighting machines

Customizes HMI’s for the industrial environment.

Heat pump control systems

Smart control and regulation system for heat pumps and heating systems.

 Project for Water Treatment Plants

iNet Sensor GmbH needed resistive panels to run their app in the high Chilean mountains.