Indigo Digital Press by HP

In a groundbreaking collaboration, we partnered with the technology giant HP to bring a cutting-edge solution to their industrial digital press needs. Utilizing our PPC-CM4-70 industrial computer powered by Raspberry Pi CM4, HP has created an innovative and industry-changing Indigo Digital press.

The Challenge

With a relentless drive to lead the industry, HP embarked on a mission to develop the first-ever Indigo Digital press using state-of-the-art LEPx technology. The challenge lay in finding an easy-to-program display solution with compact dimensions, high performance, and a design tailored for the rigorous industrial press environment.

Our Solution

After meticulous consideration, HP chose Chipsee’s PPC-CM4-70, a robust industrial computer equipped with cutting-edge features and a rugged design, certified for industrial applications. With Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 at its core, the PPC-CM4-70 boasts a 5-point capacitive touch-screen with a sharp 1024×600 resolution. This ensures precise control, excellent image clarity, and outstanding resistance to environmental factors like dust and water.

The Result

The collaboration culminated in the HP Indigo V12 Digital Press, a cutting-edge narrow-web label press with an impressive printing speed of 120 linear meters per minute. This advanced machine caters to commercial printing, labels, and packaging needs. Integrating six units of the PPC-CM4-70 into each printer, HP has achieved a synchronized and reliable printing process, with each unit responsible for a single impression. The PPC-CM4-70 from Chipsee has proven to be a vital component, adding durability, programming ease, and a user-friendly interface.

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