Real-world industrial applications with Raspberry Pi

Take advantage of numerous open-source communities dedicated to the Raspberry Pi, ever-growing GitHub repositories, and endless examples online. All the resources are at the tip of your fingers, and now, you can use them for your next Industrial solution.
The Industrial Pi line comprises industrial computers designed for the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 and 4. Ranging from 5-inch to 23.6-inch IPS displays with 5-point or 10-point capacitive touch panels, they are available in embedded, panel, and all-in-one desktop form factors.

  • AIO-CM4-156

    PN: CS19108RA4156A-N


  • AIO-CM4-101

    PN: CS12800RA4101A


  • PPC-CM4-070

    PN: CS10600RA4070P-C111


  • EPC-CM4-070

    PN: CS10600RA4070E-C111


  • PPC-CM4-101

    PN: CS12800RA4101P


  • PPC-CM4-121

    PN: CS10768RA4121


  • PPC-CM4-050

    PN: CS12720RA4050P


  • EPC-CM4-050

    PN: CS12720RA4050E


  • PPC-CM4-133

    PN: CS19108RA4133


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