We have just launched the Chipsee Media Center page. It’s there to offer you access to the Chipsee logo files, company description, and product images.

Logo guidelines

If you want to learn how to use our logo, it’s all there on the Media Center page. You can easily download the files, see what we recommend for the use of the logo, and add it to your graphic design.

Company description

We’ve also added three different versions of our company description. More precisely three different lengths of the description. So, if you’re looking to use something shorter for your next press release about Chipsee, the smallest version of the description if there at the top. If, on the other hand, you want to share our whole story, you can turn to the longest version.

Product images

All our product images are available on the new Media Center page as well. We divided them by product category, for easier access.

Of course, if you have any questions or suggestion for us, please don’t hesitate to Contact us, or send a message on our social media.