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  • CS86-BOX-10510U

    The CS86-BOX-10510U is a rugged, high-quality, multifunctional industrial PC. Thanks to the integrated brackets and its lightweight construction, it can be firmly attached to any flat surface, such as industrial cabinets or walls.

    The Intel® Core™ i7 10510U with 4GB RAM (expandable up to 16GB) and 64GB Flash/eMMC power the CS86-BOX-10510U, making it ideal for any application. It features a broad range of connectivity options, allowing it to meet even the most demanding requirements in harsh industrial or outdoor environments.
    The connectivity includes four USB 3.0 ports, two 1GB Ethernet ports, and two serial ports that can be either RS232 or RS485. The integrated HDMI connector supports an external HD monitor.
    The wireless connectivity includes two optional modules: WiFi and 4G/LTE; both modules include the antenna.

    The specially designed aluminum alloy housing with fins for increased heat dissipation serves as a passive cooler, eliminating the need for built-in fans. The fan-less design reduces noise and maintenance costs and efforts, increasing reliability simultaneously.

    PN: CS86-BOX-10510U


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