We are happy to announce the new Chipsee Helpdesk. We’ve finished with the update of our Support page, and the Helpdesk is its newest addition.

All the answers are on one page.

As with everything you need a positive approach to problem-solving, and our Support team is fully equipped with that. Secondly, our organizational skills have only been enhanced by our new Helpdesk. You can expect to get the answers to your questions faster than ever.

So, read the post and find out what the redesigned Chipsee Support page has to offer.

Helpdesk features

The Helpdesk is there for all your questions and requests. Our Sales representatives and engineers are a minute away.

You can also search through the knowledge base and find your answer there. Some of the most commonly asked questions about Chipsee are collected there. Chances are, you’ll find your answer there.

Chat with our Support Team

If you want to chat with one of our Support team members live, use the Chat icon in the bottom right corner. When speed is of the essence, this is the best option.

Imagine this, you’re in the middle of a project, and you need a quick consultation about some feature of our Industrial Panel PCs. There’s no need to write an email, all you need to do is click on the Chat icon. You’ll get your answer right away, and you can go back to your project.

Let us know what you think about the new Helpdesk and Support page on our social media.