The Android UI framework defines a set of standard logical densities to help the application developers target application resources. Device implementations MUST report one of the following logical Android framework densities:

  • 120 dpi, known as ‘ldpi’
  • 160 dpi, known as ‘mdpi’
  • 213 dpi, known as ‘tvdpi’
  • 240 dpi, known as ‘hdpi’
  • 320 dpi, known as ‘xhdpi’
  • 480 dpi, known as ‘xxhdpi’

Device implementations should define the standard Android framework density that is numerically closest to the physical density of the screen unless that logical density pushes the reported screen size below the minimum supported. To configure the logical display density for the framework, you must define the following line in the init.freescale.rc:

$ setprop ro.sf.lcd_density 160