New Display Sizes for Industrial PCs and Embedded Solutions – Introducing 5-inches PPC-CM4-050 and EPC-CM4-050

Industrial computers and embedded solutions are getting more versatile with Chipsee: we just released our smallest-to-date display size industrial computer and embedded solution: the PPC-CM4-050 and EPC-CM4-050. Both are based on Raspberry Pi CM 4.

The PPC-CM4-050 features a sturdy metal casing and powerful electronics, all packed in the small Chipsee-designed product. You can use it as a stand-alone or embeddable component.

With the IP65 protection on the front pane, the PPC-CM4-050’s metal enclosure makes the product ready for extensive, and intensive industry usage, specifically fit for applications that require compact space and small, but accessible display.

Make the Most of Your Solution’s Industrial Use With Chipsee’s Panel Mounting Features

As panel mounting is the most requested feature for industrial use, we’ve made sure to include it in this product, too. VESA mounting capability is available, too.

Find out here how to mount Chipsee products.

The PPC-CM4-050 features a 5.0” IPS display with a 5-point capacitive touch panel, RS232 and RS485 ports, CAN bus, Ethernet, double USB, TF card, on-board audio, RTC with a backup battery, and power management.

Discover New Capabilities of Your Applications with the Tiny EPC-CM4-050

If you require a small-sized industrial computer with another mounting method, the EPC-CM4-050 is ideal as an embedded computer. It features the same components as the PPC-CM4-050, but without the metal casing which makes it more light-weight and affordable.

Its 5.0” IPS display with a 5-point capacitive touch panel makes it ideal for smaller spaces, and the RS232 and RS485 ports, CAN bus, Ethernet, double USB, TF card, on-board audio, RTC with a backup battery, and power management make it a mighty industrial computer, ready for any task.

Explore more panel and embedded PCs based on the Raspberry Pi Compute Modules here

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need any help with purchasing the products, or need a custom electronic solution.

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