Industrial Computers Powered by Raspberry Pi

Industrial Computers Powered by Raspberry Pi

Powered by Raspberry Pi

Harness the wealth of resources from vast open-source communities, expansive GitHub repositories, and a multitude of online examples dedicated to Raspberry Pi. All these resources are readily accessible, providing an invaluable toolkit for your next industrial solution.

Our Powered by Raspberry Pi line features a series of industrial computers specifically designed for the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4.

These devices boast IPS displays ranging from 5.0 inches to 23.6 inches, equipped with multi-touch capacitive panels, and extensive connectivity.
Available in various form factors such as embedded, panel, and all-in-one desktops, they cater to a wide range of industrial applications.

Industrial Panel PC Solutions

Our Panel PC form factor, featuring a robust metal enclosure with IP65 front panel protection, is perfectly suited for demanding industrial applications needing a human-machine interface.
It boasts a wide array of connectivity options, including RS232 and RS485 ports, numerous opto-isolated I/O, Ethernet, USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, and 4G.
Additionally, it supports dual TF cards, onboard audio, RTC backed by a battery, audio I/O, and advanced power management, ensuring versatile and reliable performance in various industrial settings.

Industrial Embedded PC Solutions

Our Embedded PC form factor is designed for seamless integration into any product, ideal for industrial applications requiring a human-machine interface.
It offers an extensive range of connectivity options, including RS232 and RS485 ports, multiple opto-isolated I/O, Ethernet, USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G, as well as TF card slot, onboard audio, RTC with backup battery, audio I/O, and sophisticated power management.
This versatility makes it a prime choice for diverse industrial applications.

Industrial All-In-One Desktop Solutions

The AIO product line is the perfect fit for industrial applications requiring an all-in-one desktop form factor, as well as for developers and makers building applications on Raspberry Pi.
It comes in 10-inch and 15.6-inch display sizes, both featuring capacitive touch and the versatility to be either desk-mounted or wall-hung. Fully compatible with Raspberry Pi OS and the GPIO connector, the AIO-156 stands out with its full HD display, multi-point touchscreen, and NVMe SSD, offering enhanced functionality and user experience.

Raspberry Pi Design Partner

As a Raspberry Pi Approved Design Partner, we at Chipsee specialize in developing Industrial Solutions with Raspberry Pi CM3 and CM4.

Our expertise in Raspberry Pi technology enables us to offer a versatile range of products in our Powered by Raspberry Pi line, including Industrial Panel and Embedded PCs, and All-In-One desktops.

We also provide tailored design services for Raspberry Pi-based products, catering to both large and small quantity orders.