Chipsee Announces New Distribution Partnership with Digikey Electronics

Chipsee is excited to announce our partnership with Digikey Electronics to strengthen our distribution network. This collaboration will allow us to offer our full range of industrial computing products, including PCs, monitors, and handhelds, through Digikey’s global distribution channels.

Our products will initially be available to customers in the USA through Digikey’s platform. We are actively working to make our products available in more countries soon.

Digikey Electronics is known for its vast inventory and exceptional customer service. This partnership will provide Chipsee’s customers greater access to our products, which are backed by Digikey’s reliable distribution services.

This partnership is part of Chipsee’s ongoing efforts to meet the demands of the industrial computing market and provide our customers with accessible, high-quality solutions.

We invite you to explore Chipsee’s product listings on Digikey’s platform for more information. We are confident that our partnership with Digikey will enhance our customers’ purchasing experience and provide them with high-quality computing products.

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